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Dead Maze is a 2D survival game set in a contemporary world, playable in solo, coop and massively multiplayer. The aim is to explore the world and scavenge as many items as possible, to survive the hostile environment and bloodthirsty hordes of monsters.


Dead Maze's history begins a long time ago, back in 2008. Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand, now Atelier 801 co-CEO, started developing an ambitious survival game in Flash all on his own, and documenting his journey on various forums. Unfortunately, life made him drift away from the project after many months of development, but the idea of a complete survival experience never really left him, and is now being remade with all Atelier 801's experience from previous released games.


  • Full survival : manage thirst, hunger, health and various symptoms
  • Grab anything you see on the map and fight with it (yes even that old sock)
  • Coop AI : monsters will collaborate to hunt you down
  • Watch out for your items wear and tear, they'll break down after too many uses
  • Find out the best craft recipes and improve your gear
  • Rogue-like but with a twist: invest the XP gained when you die into useful skill trees


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About Atelier 801

Atelier 801 is a company founded in October 2011 by Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand and Mélanie Christin. Our purpose is to rally players from all over the world around fun multiplayer games.

More information
More information on Atelier 801, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Dead Maze Credits

Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand
CEO, Lead Developer

Mélanie Christin
CEO, 2D Artist

Damien Cattorini
Gameplay Developer

Paul Castera
Lead Artist

Claire Simon
2D Artist

Maurice Doison
Server Developer

Xavier Cloarec
Tools Developer

Adelina Mattera
International Community Manager

Paulliane Balduino dos Santos
Brazilian Community Manager

Romain Trouillet
Composer and Sound Designer

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