Atelier 801
Based in Marcq en Baroeul, France

Release date:
March 14, 2014

PC / Mac / Linux , Browser game


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Free to play


Fortoresse is a multiplayer war browser game in 2D. Two teams fight in a war zone made of pixels. One has to protect the flag and the other one has to take it in a 2 minutes time limit. Each player can destroy the world or build a fortress made of pixels to protect himself and his teammates by pressing the space bar.


Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand created Fortoresse in 2008 on his free time along with two other little multiplayer games reunited on the website Extinction.fr . The website acquired its own community of fans who still play after 6 years. Sadly, as there were less and less players, the games were slowly dying out. Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand being really fond of those games, he didn’t want to let them die completly. Therefore after Atelier 801 was founded, Melanie Christin and Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand decided to breathe a new life into those games. The brand-new Fortoresse was launched in March 2014. The game was originally named "Forteresse". But with fans being used to call it with the nickname "Forto", they renamed it "Fortoresse".


  • Only requires a keyboard and a mouse to play. The gameplay is really easy to get and master. Everyone can play.
  • In-chat game and community platform. Players can meet and chat with their friends while playing. Thanks to the community platform, they can chat with their friends even if they are playing another one of Atelier 801 games.
  • Personalization. Numerous characters to choose and various type of arms with different abilities.
  • Realistic arms sounds for a real war atmosphere
  • Ability to destroy or build the map around the player by the player.
  • Languages: English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, German, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Hungarian, Romanian, Indonesian, Chinese


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About Atelier 801

Atelier 801 is a company founded in October 2011 by Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand and Mélanie Christin. Our purpose is to rally players from all over the world around fun multiplayer games.

More information
More information on Atelier 801, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Fortoresse Credits

Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand
CEO, Lead Developer

Mélanie Christin
CEO, Lead Artist

Paul Castera
2D Artist

Adelina Mattera
International Community Manager

Paulliane Balduino dos Santos
Brazilian Community Manager

Romain Trouillet
Composer and Sound Designer

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