Atelier 801
Based in Marcq en Baroeul, France

Release date:
May 1st, 2010 | Steam : 30th January, 2015

PC / Mac / Linux, Browser game


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Free to Play with cash shop (hats)


Transformice is an MMO platformer about dozens of mice running to bring back the cheese, trying to avoid pitfalls, leading to unexpected and hilarious situations!You have less than two minutes to be the first mouse to bring back the cheese by all means, with the Shaman's help or curse within the multiple game modes and millions levels available: no two games are ever the same! In this stupidly fun "free to win" game with hats, will you survive the cheese quest? Will the Shaman help or ruin everything? Join the 77 million people who already tried!


Started as a hobby side-project by Mélanie (artist) and Jean-Baptiste (programmer), Transformice quickly spread by word of mouth after they posted it on a forum in 2010. With the unexpected success of the game, they left their jobs in 2011 to start Atelier 801, in order to cope with the massive influx of players. As of 2017, Transformice has 77 million accounts and 2 million active players every month.


  • Mouse Simulator : You’re playing as a mouse out to get cheese, and you need to bring it back to the mousehole
  • Shaman mouse: Every round, one player is the almighty Shaman who can use his unique construction skills to help his fellow mice get safely to the cheese... Or ruin everything if he’s not skilled enough (or if he just decides so)
  • Physics: The physics engine allows for some hilarious situations. Will the mice cooperate, or all rush into a bottomless pit?
  • No two games are alike: 200 official maps in 7 official game modes, but also more than 5 million player-made maps and dozens of extra player-made game modes are available.
  • Level Editor and LUA Modules allow you to create any content you like
  • HATS! Ethical Free-to-play: everything you can buy is cosmetic-only, and can be unlocked by playing. The more you play, the more cheese you get, the more hats you can buy.
  • Shaman Skill Trees: Spiritual Guide, Wind Master, Mechanical, how will you specialize your Shaman?
  • Social features: Play with your friends in your own room, with dedicated chat tabs, tribes, friend’s lists, forums… you can even get married and throw a party!
  • Events: Updated very regularly to add seasonal events and content (moar hats! But not only)
  • Titles: With almost 300 different unlockable titles, there’s always one to suit your mood of the day
  • Languages: English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, German, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Hungarian, Romanian, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic, Tagalog, Japanese, Finnish, Italian, Lithuanian and more!


Official Trailer - Steam Release YouTube

Fan Made - Tutorial - Meet the mouse YouTube

Fan Made - Ingame Fun - Transformice: Special Mouse Edition YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie of the Year 2012 - 2nd place" IndieDB, December 25, 2012
  • "People's Choice Award" Flash Game Summit, San Francisco, February 25, 2011
  • "Best Browser Game 2010" GameOgre, 2010

Selected Articles

  • "In short: hilarity."
    - Kieron Gillen, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Why can't I stop playing it? (...) It's total, hilarious chaos."
    - Michael McWhertor, Kotaku
  • "Why did I do that? I'm not sure. Was it fun? Yes. Did we win? Yes!"
    - Jaz McDougall, PCGamer.com

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About Atelier 801

Atelier 801 is a company founded in October 2011 by Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand and Mélanie Christin. Our purpose is to rally players from all over the world around fun multiplayer games.

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Transformice Credits

Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand
CEO, Lead Developer

Mélanie Christin
CEO, Lead Artist

Damien Cattorini
Gameplay Developer

Maurice Doison
Server Developer

International Community Manager

Paulliane Balduino dos Santos
Brazilian / Spanish Community Manager

Romain Trouillet
Composer and Sound Designer

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